Portal Dolmens

Portal dolmens are the simplest form of megalithic tomb. They comprise several upright stones, and a horizontal capstone which rests on these. Bachwen, on the Llŷn Peninsula is an example of this type of monument.


Some examples:

Tips for visiting portal dolmens:

  • Be careful not to bump your head when you are inside the dolmen.
  • Please be careful around the capstone as it can be precariously balanced at some sites.

Tips for photographing:

  • Walk around the outside of the dolmen, taking photographs from all around the outside.
  • Try to get good coverage on the top of the dolmen, but please don’t climb on top of the capstone!
  • Photograph the inside of the dolmen, including the underneath of the capstone and the floor.
  • Using a tripod will ensure your photographs are not blurry if there is low lighting inside the dolmen.
  • You can use a flash if you need to.

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