Passage Graves

Passage graves comprise a narrow stone-lined corridor, leading into a main chamber, which might have sub-chambers leading off from them. Passage graves are common in Ireland, Orkney, and important sites are located at Bryn Celli Ddu and Barclodiad y Gawres. Such sites are often decorated with rock art, with shared patterns and motifs appearing at passage graves across their distribution.


Some examples:

Tips for visiting passage graves:

  • You should not climb on the mound as this will be dangerous for you and could cause damage to the site.
  • The ceiling can be low inside passage graves, so please mind your head.
  • Beware of uneven floors and low lighting inside passage graves.

Tips for photographing:

  • Passage graves are difficult to photograph, due to their size.
  • If the mound is covered in grass, the uniform texture of the grass will harm the photogrammetry results.
  • Photograph around the outside of the mound; try to get coverage of the outside from different angles.
  • Inside the passage and grave, you should walk around taking photographs of the wall opposite you.
  • Remember to photograph the floor and ceiling of the passage and grave, too.
  • Take photographs from either end of the passage.
  • Using a tripod will ensure your photographs are not blurry in the low-lit inside of the passage grave.
  • You can use a flash if you need to.

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