Capturing Bryn Celli Ddu

Bryn Celli Ddu Mound

Photographing the large mounds of burial chambers is a tricky business – being able to get high enough to make sure you can see the whole mound requires a bit of aerial camera work… Enter our aerial surveying platform (which we will tell you more about in an upcoming … More/Mwy


Axes galore

Tuesday morning, Ben and I set off bright and early (well barring a minor delay with Arriva Trains Wales) to go and visit our collaborator at Bangor Museum and Art Gallery, Esther Roberts.

We’d been in touch about laser scanning artefacts from the sites which we … More/Mwy

Visit by Skyonix

The HeritageTogether people at Bangor University had a demonstration of an hexacopter from Skyonix. This is a flying platform that is capable of taking an DSLR camera. It was fantastic to see the copter. Ben Edwards (co-investigator) said

“This is exactly what we need for the … More/Mwy